The Anzac Weekend 2015

Hellloo everyone~

School has just started off now with the second term and it is now getting very busy. Luckily today was teacher's only day which allowed us students to take a break from school. This also meant that we have a four day weekend due to the Anzac holiday being on Monday. It also happens to be the 100th Anniversary of the Anzac landing. 
Our school commenced for a special assembly for this event and also a display which I found really great and meaningful.

The first thing I saw in the morning and the first that I have seen our school do so. 
I think there may have been around 38 crosses in total which I am guessing that it was the different ancestor families in our school that participated in the Gallipoli landing. (?)
I forgot the mention in my post that our area had a power cut for a few hours on Wednesday! Due to this I had to go to bed at 9pm. 9PM! It was the earliest I have ever been to sleep on a school night! But the power cut made me realize how that our people rely on electricity more than ever.
Having an old fashion night with candles.

Little decor cakes

That's all for now ~



  1. Oh my god those cakes!! xx

  2. Wow, your trip pictures look amazing. We also visited NYC venues during our Christmas holidays. It was truly an amazing trip and we had wonderful time over there. I would like to visit NYC again, but this time with my family!!