Miscellaneous Memories

Hi There. This post really has no specific purpose apart from a catch up of my days which have been very occupied by the means of school. But here is some photos from the weeks when I didn't focus on school and plus I'm currently on holiday! *YAY*

Here comes the photos~

The view that I faced for a few hours of volunteering. I recently volunteered for the Red Cross with my friend Olia. It was great fun and felt good. We just did donation gathering for about 2+ hours. However at times people gave us weird looks but it was the purpose and truly counted! I recommend everyone to volunteer and hope to do more in the future! 
Pretty much loving the colour of the dragon fruit. Pink is my favourite colour you see. 

Looked passed a little evening market across from school. 
Many people visited the chestnut farm that my family and I visited. However it seems like we were late in the game. 

What is a post of mine without a tree and sky shot?

Spiky shells the coated the chestnuts. They had pricked us all. Don't they look like mini hedgehogs? 
Trees that stood around the farm. It was a clear day and warm. I hope to have more soon as my fingers are now becoming more numb as the winter weather continues. 
A little hike around the beach for some quality family time. Don't you just love the greens?
Went ball dress shopping around Easter and found the dress! Ball season is approaching soon and will happen before we know it. I picked a long dress that was different from last year which was a short black dress with a big glittery bow at the back. This dress shown is a pale pink yet almost white under light with a lace detailed top.
Coming back from watching Insurgent! Insurgent was a good movie compared to the first and cant wait for the next!
A low quality photo from my night of ice skating - or should I say falling. It was embarrassing as it turns out I was the only that could not skate and caused just pain everywhere.
I went to a Japan event this year which consisted many performances but mainly food! I loved the atmosphere of trying new food and sorts. There was fresh rice mochi made which were just amazing! The stand was just so popular! There was live action of the process and turned to a big success. 
A sneaky photo from Japan Day that was held in the city. It was fun yet crowded; I was really overwhelmed by the lines such as waiting 30minutes+ for Takoyaki. I went with friends and spent my day most with Wilson,David,Kai,Athena and Jerrod. It was the most that I had in a while. 
A lovely flower display at Japan with so many different forms and colours! They were just so amazing.
Well that is it of my days so far in the holidays and I can't believe that by this time next week I shall be yet again at school! Plus holiday homework are all piled up on my desk and ready to be done. Hope to finish all of them soon and take more photos from now to share with you all.



  1. Love the photos, so nice :))

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope to travel more :) Good luck with all your school work!

    - Mariah-Ruthel