Take me Back

Take me back to the holidays. I just can not wait for them. It's been nearly a week of school and I am finally slowly getting into things. Joining Committees and trying new things. I signed up and got to be a Peer mentor Leader for Year 12 who want to be a peer mentors which is great of having a leadership role in my life. But other than that, my life every day after school is doing the stacks of homework I receive from every class.  

Endless writing.
So in my English Literature class we had to analyse a poem titled Funeral Blues by W.H Auden and I found it such a powerful poem and yet quite upsetting.
We are writing a piece based on the question, 'Who am I?' and frankly, I am enjoying it however am I always lost for words but really questions who I am as a person and if I changed or not. 

I am  lucky enough to be living in a place with such beautiful sunsets even if I don't leave the house.

Captured the moment outside my window.  
I hope to go out and enjoy a bit of my life rather dealing with school. Everything is going well at school, it has been just an upgrade from last year. However, something that has been troubling is Calculus. Calculus is just going too fast for me to catch up. My teacher is just going to fast for anyone to. I hope I catch up soon. Assignments have also been crawling in ever so quickly too. I hope for a better round of results this year. Other than that I'm glad that the week is ending soon! Here comes the weekends of blogging and browsing the internet.
Hopefully more puzzle building!



  1. Good luck w/ year 13!! School's giving me a hard time too lol

    Let's do well together!!!